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Rated 4 / 5 stars

really dig the aesthetic, great song by roboguts keeps the game engaging despite the frustration. The game feels pretty great overall!
the AI is really aggressive, which i like, but my brain has a lot of trouble trying to pay attention at two things at the same time plus trying to discern if the AI is faster than my jump dash or if i timed it wrong. could be the fact i'm playing it at 3 am.

so is this whole thing a hologram room to test the robots abilities? cause these first few levels are too neon and flashy to be an office or lab for the robot to escape from. Is he forever stuck no matter how much he tries? would i get my answers if i beat the game?

Abstract Dungeon Abstract Dungeon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I quite enjoyed it, i put some music in the background to fill the void and it turned out to be a nice puzzle game i could come back to... maybe.
the layout of the rooms is hit and miss but i don't mind cause it's random and from what i played it's alright, without counting impossible moments.
Street cred seemed an empty gesture, then i saw that it was for restarting and shuffling and found it more usefu. I read it goes on to infinity. and because of the little real feeling of reward, i felt rather discouraged.
The idea of bosses or a secret or surprises would be nice to feel like dungeoning on has some sort of a drive or purpose aside from the mere fact I am deeper in the dungeon. Which can work, but not long enough.
You have a pretty addicting tablet game here if you keep working on it.

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Plasma Run Plasma Run

Rated 1 / 5 stars

It's a REALLY slow buildup this buildup was the main reason i didn't try to play it again.

I like that by the end it basically was like a bullet hell game which really gave the slow build some nice sense of accomplishment and progress.

that boss takes a ton of punishment! i think it would be good if that boss slowly degraded just to feel like I'm getting closer to destroying it.

the powerups shouldn't be the same color and shape as the bullets of your enemies, that's just confusing. Environment was boring but serviceable. same with the enemies. song never got boring so that's a big plus. and sounds seem alright.

i'm guessing it was only one level, i can't imagine there being more than that, so from what i played i had an okay time, it just wasn't anything worth playing more than once.

Donpatch-XD responds:

Fair enough

Idle Monster Slayers Idle Monster Slayers

Rated 0 / 5 stars

So it seems you got things here that seems to imply possible rewards for your time... but not really.

Upgrades don't seem to make much sense, as it repeats things like warrior x2 multiplier and all of them cost differently....why? do they add up?

the achievements are confusing...and from what i notice.. i have to CHECK? this is an idle game, why are you wanting me to check? some sound to let me know i passed an achievement could be nice. something to make me feel like it's a real achievement like these pay to win tablet games.

the numbers are so friggin huge it becomes unfathomable to plan out your decision to get the best result. so i had two choices wait for the really slow number rise so i can one by one update each very detached item saying warrior or mage (which in context doesn't really mean anything, might as well have the square say different foods like hamburgers and steak. ) or i could wait till the number goes to the 25 % and hopefully fast forward the process.

i do the latter, do whatever to pass the time. when i come back and buy the thing, i guess it helped a little bit so i tried again for another thing, and it kinda felt the same. empty, very very empty.

but a bug happened, before the numbers seemed to understand basic math of 10 - 9 = 1
suddenly became 10 - 9 = 9.50. then again this could be the math became too unfathomable for my tiny brain.

anyways this was nice cause i didn't have to wait, and i kept buying shiz almost felt like i could finally move forward.

but nothing really happened, nothing ever happens, which is my main issue with this.
what is the point? what the fuck do the soul gems do!? gold boost? means nothing when the number goes up just as slow as everything else.

description says i'm harnessing an army..umm okay
the money keeps getting higher, i mean if this was on the phone, i can keep the game on for a week and get the things and....then what? what would i get? i got the super army? all i got is numbers to let me know that, am i a robot or a human being?

everything i buy is like i don't get anything, there isn't a noise, or a prompt, or a damn message.

wouldn't it be fun if it had some flavor text as reward. saying something like " your 64 warriors and 24 priests got together to bring down a rival kingdom, using the blessings from god to give demigod like strength, we have expanded our reign hail - insert username-"

BAM a gamer would be curious, momentarily entertained and a slight moment of fulfillment that makes the time wasted worth it.

time - gameplay = fun game?

Certainty Certainty

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

annoying illusion, got 6/18.
it's a fun distraction for a minute or two.

Bank Robbery Drop Bank Robbery Drop

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

hmm okay
Main and most important issue is the game over screen which make me think of these three things.
1. Just say game over! I can assume why it's game over.
2. Make that game over screen a milisecond the faster the better
3. Why are you putting me on the main menu screen?

while the first one is an annoyance, the other two are a matter that addresses the inherent issue of pacing and game flow.
this is a high score type of game, that's our only goal. So a long game over screen is unnecessary waiting, the fact it goes back to a menu is extra psychological torture. with the way the game speeds up this sudden STOP makes me want to stop playing especially after a few tries. If you wanna hook the player (and you DO), give us the ability to jump back in as FAST as possible. Keep the game flow constant.

I also had a bit of an issue, when using the arrow keys and the faster i had to tap, it became somewhat unresponsive. and no matter how many times i tapped it wouldn't move. Could be lag from online or the code idk, if it would be only me, but i'm just letting you know.

Having no music or animations i don't mind as i can tell it's one of those first few games. So despite the score of the game it at least played well enough. my high score was 30,000.

good luck!

undeadbobop responds:

Updated some of those issues out now. Sorry about the inconvenience. Some of the issues where there to fix other issues, such as the unresponsiveness. that issue fixed a issue where it would send you across too fast. Like you would hit it once and go 2 spaces over. That fix was a matter of just decreasing the amount of time of the delay would be to 0.000000001th of a second rather than the 0.035 it was at. It really wasn't a first game, it was more or less a game made under X amount of time ported around and receiving no feed back from it. I hosted it on a number of other sites, store fronts, esc... and no feed back till I started putting my web games on newgrounds.

Naruto vs Juubi Demo Naruto vs Juubi Demo

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

obviously incomplete that's the reason for the score.

Here what you can do to improve it.

Make some type of a visual representation of a hit detection. I am being hit, yet i have nothing to let me know that it is happening. Same for the enemy, there has to be something to let me know i hit it.

The spacebar attack looks retarded, i have no idea what the hell he's supposed to do with a seizure.

At one point the character just walked away from the screen and never came back...i figure that would be an issue.

And of course sound, but you just wanted to show how it would LOOK so i figure that is why there is no sound. Good luck with the game!

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Narunima responds:

thanks for the review :), i already uploaded the second part check it out if you what :D

Valor Valor

Rated 3 / 5 stars

movement is stiff as hell. Almost unresponsive.

I wish the different armor gave you different combos, or that you could eventually do more complex combos. because doing the same 3 hits over and over again can be pretty annoying.

Once i got the hell armo that is basically all i used since it's the one you seem to have the strongest attack. and mixed in with the health regeneration every time you do good hits. the gme is extremely simple.

really the game is not very good on a tecnical stand point. nothing seems to matter, you hit things with the same combos over and over again, controls are stiff, and progression seems pointless.

on an entertainment stand point, i liked it, i played quite a bit for such a messy game.

Talk Talk

Rated 1 / 5 stars

this needs direction.
all it is is ideas and what seems to be an interesting message, but it has nothing to let the player know anything.

like somebody said, it has potential. but nobody will like this game unless you actually give some purpose to what is going on instead of being just a mess of incomplete ideas all over the place.

GigaBuddy GigaBuddy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A game of skill, i like that. I also like how it becomes more difficult as time goes by and it doesn't really feel like the game is inherently badly designed.

my issue is the visuals. i know you were going for an 8 bit look but looking at the black emptyness and the same sprites over and over becomes boring.

And the loop is so short in each level that it also starts to become repetitive, thankfully you change them slowly or else i would go insane.

It's an okay game, it just became too boring after a while.